The Store

La Maison is a home boutique offering furnishings, accessories, gifts and interior design services. Coming to La Maison, you will find all that you need to make a house your home.  From the unique furnishings & beautiful lighting to interesting accessories, you will find it all to furnish your home. You can choose pieces yourself to transform your home or talk with the design staff and let them help you discover your style.

Stop in at La Maison and expect to find something wonderful to inspire you. Stop in at La Maison and find the perfect gift.  Stop in at La Maison and chose for your home beautiful and stylish furnishings.  After all, La Maison is “where style meets home".

Before opening La Maison in June 2014 Martha operated an independent interior design business. However, it was through that endeavor that Martha realized there was more she could provide the community of Raleigh. Since then she has grown La Maison from the ground up while continuing to provide her unique perspective on interior design.


Martha J. Schneider

Martha works as an interior designer in all areas of design, from spec/new house design, renovations & additions, to small design projects. Martha’s focus on design and function meets beauty and style in all of her projects. She loves getting to know her clients and, most importantly, helping them transform their home with great style.

Martha’s  journey in the design world began at an early age in fashion where she first discovered the components of great design.  She learned that construction was vital in the overall project, coordinating fabrics made the design and the details made the end result special. The same philosophy is what she uses today in interior design. From architectural details in a home, luxurious fabrics & functional furnishings, fabulous lighting & beautiful accessories to the details of trims, tassels and art….style is all around you.

Her journey from fashion to interiors has always maintained the same central goal; getting to know you, the client and how your life story dictates the way you live.  Using fabulous furnishings to meet your lifestyle is her goal in every design project. Martha’s love for beautiful things must always fit the function of the home, simply because…. what is great style without great ease?

Let Martha help you find the most enchanting style that best suits the way you live. Come in and discover that La Maison is the home boutique “where style meets home".

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Langley Mills

Design Assistant

Langley joined La Maison in 2016 as a sales associate, and joined us full time in 2017 after graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in Fashion Textile Management. She works closely with Martha on each project and brings a tremendous eye for detail and luxurious design aesthetic. She seamlessly pulls together the perfect selections of furniture, fabrics, finishes and more for every type of project.

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Maggie Adams

Business Manager

A vital part of Team La Maison, Maggie brings her expert customer service and organization to every aspect of the business. Maggie’s focus on the details of each design project from start to finish allows for our clients to experience their design journey with ease. Maggie also leads our team of in store design consultants at La Maison Home Boutique. We offer a broad range of styling expertise to our customers and clients each and every day!